Sell your Magic cards through our buylist!

25% Bonus for Store Credit!

  • Selling cards to MTG MATE is a breeze. Just follow these steps!
  • 1. Sign up for a user account
  • 2. Add cards to your buylist cart. You can browse by set or search by card name. Ensure you add only NEAR MINT cards you intend to sell. At this stage, we cannot accept any other conditions.
    Currently we do not accept planeswalker stamped promo cards, so please do not add them to your buylist order.
  • 3. When you've completed your cart, click proceed.
  • 4. Choose Cash or Store Credit. Store Credit attracts at 25% bonus! If you choose cash, please ensure you fill out your bank details correctly. Once completed, click Submit Order. Please note: Store Credit is not redeemable for cash.

    In the event you have provided us with incorrect bank details, we will resend payment after you advise your correct details and the initial payment has returned to our account. We will deduct any fees attracted by our bank from your total.

    If we are unable to recover the funds, (e.g. funds are sent to a valid account that isn't yours), we will not resend payment.
  • 5. Unsleeve all your cards, and pack them securely, ensuring they are in the order displayed as you checkout.

    Depending on the size of your order, toploaders, deckboxes and standard card boxes are great for posting cards. If your package has empty space, we recommend filling the space with something (bubble wrap, bulk commons, used sleeves, etc) to stop the cards moving in transit.

    Do not use rubber bands to secure your cards. You will damage your cards and we will be unable to accept your order.
    Unordered or sleeved shipments of greater than 20 cards will incur a handling deduction of 10% of the total.
  • 6. Post your cards to:

    MTG MATE (# Your Order Number)
    PO BOX 169
    Qld, 4014

    It is recommended that you purchase some form of tracking or insurance. MTG MATE is not responsible for any shipments that do not arrive.
    Orders must be postmarked within 3 days of submitting your buylist orders. Any orders not shipped in a timely fashion may be subject to repricing with updated prices, or cancelled and returned.
  • 7. Once your cards have arrived, we'll endeavour to process your order within 1-2 business days of collecting them from our PO BOX. You'll be made aware of any cards that have been rejected based on condition.
  • 8. When the order is completed, you'll be transfered the total of the accepted cards to your nominated bank account. If you chose store credit, your account will be credited immediately.
  • 9. Any cards that were rejected will be mailed back to you, using the address you provided when submitting the buylist order. We reserve the right to reject any card for any reason.
  • You can view the status of your shipments at any time via the user menu.